I’m beginning my photographic journey in the last century, when i was 7 years old . First one, I could get in my hands the paper Kodak, for once-use only. Followed by the grandparents’ Flexaret. But mostly what I remember, was a chance, to try classical manual DSLR Nikon FM with old 50mm lens.

I guess I started photography in late 2005 when I purchased Olympus E-520 with 14-54 and 60mm macro lens. It was a good camera to get into photography with and at the time it provided everything a starter needed.

Since then, I have been fine tuning my gear moving onto a Nikon D600 which was classified as a first fullframe semi-pro body on a market. I think her reputation is worse than reality, The image quality is comparable with all current cameras on the market.

When I consider buying new equipment I always ask myself if it really improves my work. Still in late 2014, I moved to my current camera Nikon Df, which is much more controversial than other previous cameras. However, if we return to the beginning, the Df’s design, manual controls, the image output and their low-light capabilities, combined with the prime Nikkor lenses is a clear reason to buy it. Recently I got the classical film camera Nikon FE with a 50mm f/1.2 Ai-S lens. The digital era is fine, but the film is unique. Things just don’t always make sense to everyone else, but to me…they do.

This time I’m shooting web products, animals, some people and travel photography. I think it’s fun and we’ll see what happens.

Thanks for reading!