For years, Nikon photographers have been waiting for something special, what will take its place on the market and especially Nikon fans. I mean a product that will stand up over time, but not that quickly losing its value.

It has been more than three years, when Nikon introduced the Df, the first DSLR camera in retro design with full frame senzor, inspired by old 60-80’s film SLR’s. I love the look of the good old Nikon cameras like F, FM or my EL2, so i didn’t hesitate and take it. Df is produced in two different colors like its predecessors. The silver with black Nikon logo and silver dials and pure black, with white logo and black dials. I love the silver one, but the black looks really nice too. Can be purchased individually or in kit. The kit comes with Nikkor 50mm f/1.8G (Special Edition) lens in retro design, which perfectly fits to the Df body. It is lightweight, fast, with excellent image quality.

The Df  features the same image sensor as the flagship Nikon, model D4, and offers an uncompromising dynamic range and phenomenal light sensitivity. It is the lightest of the current Nikon FX format till this time, which currently offers rugged construction and reliable operation that is expected from the top of Nikon cameras. The Nikon Df is perfect for purists in the field of photographic techniques and fans of design excellence and attracts the hearts and minds of photographers who love his art and his camera.

Concepts of this camera was from the outset photos of classic style. This is a camera that you want to hold in your hand and use on his photographic expeditions. The basis of photographs by emotions and Df camera goes straight to the heart of these emotions. The unique combination of design in the style of classic film SLRs and professional technology puts the device out of the normal range: love it enthusiastic photographers who work under their own artistic concepts and ideas, and also those who appreciate classic design reflects the tradition of Nikon at the forefront of photographic technology. „says Dirk Jasper, manager professional products, Nikon Europe

Pure Photography:

Performance in bulk – the flagship representing the high image quality, versatility and reliability.

Life is full of different „photogenic“ situations that are often difficult to photograph. Df heart of the camera is the same format CMOS sensor FX with 16.2 million pixels and image processing system EXPEED 3, which can also be found in the flagship professional cameras Nikon D4 devices. This powerful combination of professional camera Df technology ensures outstanding image integrity in a wide range of lighting conditions. The images are characterized loyal, well-saturated colors and natural spatial depth, even at high ISO sensitivities ranging using extended range up to the phenomenal value of ISO 204,800 (equivalent value).

16.2 megapixel CMOS FX sensor
Thanks to optimum balance dimensional image sensor FX format (36 x 23.9 mm) and 16.2 megapixel camera provides Df images with impressive spatial depth, high level of detail, low noise and wide dynamic range. Excellent light sensitivity: With ISO range of 100 to 12 800, which can be further expanded up to 204,800 (equivalent value), the camera keeps Df Nikon’s status as a sovereign in the field of photographic opportunities in low light. Images with fine detail and low noise are possible even when shooting in challenging lighting conditions.

Expeed 3
Nikon image processing system which guarantees all operations, from processing to transfer images easily handles data-intensive tasks speed without affecting the operation of the device and image quality. 16-bit image processing offers optimal color, perfect tonality and minimum noise in the image field and produces a smooth gradation and a number of details and shades in the entire luminance range up to pure white, even when using the JPEG format. In addition, powerful system EXPEED 3 fast, accurate and extremely energy efficient, extending the camera’s endurance during long deployments.

Fast operation
The camera starts at about 0.14 with a shutter lag of just 0.052 seconds. Continuous high speed allows working frequencies up to 5.5 frames per second in FX format and DX.

Iconic Nikon design:

Beautiful pictures taken by the camera – on the outside of the classical internal digital

Nikon Df retro style is designed exclusively for shooting still photos. It provides high reliability, advanced features and functional ergonomics in the thinnest and lightest full-format DSLR camera. Mechanical dial to set the shutter speed, ISO sensitivity, exposure compensation, and exposure modes allow you to concentrate on what is essential, therefore, to achieve their creative vision. Capture stunningly sharp images with rich, accurate color even in low light conditions.

Nikon Df offers the look of iconic film SLR Nikon, but is designed to meet all the demands of modern digital photographers. If you are preoccupied with the phenomenon of photos, you know that the photographic process itself brings the same satisfaction as the final images, and the camera Df offers rugged construction and superior ergonomics that have made Nikon name synonymous with durability and reliability. The camera is designed to perfectly respond to your commands, and delight the senses of every photographer who enjoys photographing – and cameras.

Elegant mechanical selector
Serrated mechanical selector combine comfort and reliability settings for simple and safe shooting. Selectors allow you to independently adjust the ISO sensitivity, exposure compensation, exposure mode and shooting mode and offer access to all parameters important for shooting without using the camera menus.

Small body vs. large sensor
With a compact body with a weight of approximately 710 g without the battery, you can enjoy the thrill of creative when shooting in FX format for all your photographic expeditions. The camera is built to withstand the demanding conditions, and utilizes the top, bottom and back cover made of durable but lightweight magnesium alloy and seal system at the same level digital SLR Nikon D800 for enhanced resistance to moisture and dust.

Durable shutter
High-precision shutter is tested to 150,000 cycles and offers the shortest time with 000 1/4 and time synchronization with the flash of 1/200 sec.

Energy-saving design
Allows up to 1,400 shots * (when using EN-EL14 and single-frame).

Classic details
The camera body Df is available in classic black or in silver with black accents. Textured grip, mechanical dial and a flat top panel based on a film SLR Nikon F2 and F3 and the user interface is done in the original monochrome design.

Both old and new lenses

Nikon lenses ment are known around the world for their outstanding optical performance NIKKOR brand this year celebrates the 80th anniversary of its founding. Photographers using genuine NIKKOR Lenses Nikon F mount with breaking down the boundaries of photographic possibilities those same lenses remain popular with many photographers dodnes. Until now it has not been possible Tyto Lenses easy to use advanced digital SLRs.

Df camera shifts its focus on classic photography a step further than any other digital SLR on the market today – is equipped with a folding lever meter coupling, allowing for direct deployment used historical NIKKOR without AI systems.

When shooting with Non-AI in mode A (aperture-priority auto) or M (Manual Exposure mode), you can use with cameras Df Metering fully open Clone – equivalent AI lenses. Characteristics of the lens, such as focal length aperture can be easily entered using simple settings on the camera allow the machine to determine the aperture setting to calculate the correct exposure.

It supports i-TTL Speedlights, threaded cable shutter release, the new Nikon WR wireless and even mobile Wi-Fi Adapter Nikon WU-1a for quick sharing photos with your smartphone and Tablet! Through the adapter can also be seen to be what the camera sees you and, in due time to activate the trigger.
Professional quality images

Breathtaking Results – advanced Nikon technologies

It’s no surprise that passionate photographers are mainly enthusiasts of the brand Nikon, whose engineers invented perfected some of the world’s most important functions of cameras. Nikon Df Continues Excellency heritage with innovation. It includes an excellent 39-point AF system with 9 cross-type sensors, who quickly focuses on the subject to be tracked via a unique 3D-tracking utilizing a 2016-point RGB sensor detects traces its movement. When shooting with the LCD in Live View mode utilizes Nikon Df Quick AF contrast detection, working as fast as the flagship D4. Fast white balance settings using the tool point white balance. Creating a photo with a dazzling dynamic range with built-in features HDR Active D-Lighting. Robust Magnesium alloy body can withstand the harsh conditions of its 3.2 „LCD display with a resolution of 921K points, displaying your images in full glory.

39 Spot Focus
Highly sensitive 39bodové Autofocus with AF module Multi-CAM 4800 – AF system cameras Df sensitivity do illuminance 1 EV, compatibility with lenses make maximum aperture of f / 8 and four AF-area mode (Including 3D object tracking) to focus in difficult lighting conditions Fast and accurate object in a wide range of image field position.

Spot metering White Balance
Df camera enables highly precise manual white balance settings using the point to measure the white balance selected portions of the frame when shooting in Live View mode.

System PCR motif
A camera sensor 2 016pixelový RGB sensor provides accurate data for the system PCR theme, Which optimize exposure Autofocus white balance immediately before the shutter ensures optimum images quality.

Powerful optical viewfinder
Optical viewfinder with glass pentaprism shows approximately 100% frame coverage WHEN 0,7násobném magnification also offers a definition of the DX format.

3.2 „monitor
LCD with 921,000 pixels, a wide viewing angle of tempered glass. It offers bright, clear images with a wide range of color reproduction.

Dual-axis Virtual Horizon
Dual-axis electronic virtual horizon allows you to check the position of the camera to run its upward tilt down (LCD monitor) or the position of the camera to the horizon (in the viewfinder).

live preview
When shooting in live view mode can be used as a compositional tool to display auxiliary line image for pole position with an aspect ratio of 1: 1 or 16: 9 and Auto focus with contrast detection shows more flexibility, accuracy for speed. Press the depth of field in the M (Manual Exposure mode) can also simply activate exposure control.

Pros and Cons:


  • Design
  • Compatible with all Nikkor lenses
  • FX senor (the same senzor like on D4)
  • Image quallity with high ISO performance
  • Low weight
  • Metallic mechanical dials

  • High price


Lot’s of people say:I don’t like the design. It is too big and overpriced. Autofocus works slowly. It can not record the video. The control dials are impractical. My D750 is much modern.“ My answers are added. „It’s the nicest retro full-frame on the market. It’s smallest and lightest from Nikon FX. In combination with Nikkor f1.8 glasses is comfortable. Sits perfectly in my hands. The price is high, but which FX Nikon body is cheap? 5.5 frames per secons is sufficient the same like speed 1/4000. I’m never shooting video od DSLR body. I like the manual dials, because one doesn’t always seek info in the viewfinder. Within a few years the D750 ends up in the scrap ;).“

Thanks for reading!

Sensor: 16.2 MP FX
Sensor Size: 36.0 x 23.9mm
Resolution: 4928 x 3280
DX Resolution: 3200 x 2128
Native ISO Sensitivity: 100-12,800
Boost Low ISO Sensitivity: 50
Boost High ISO Sensitivity: 25,600-204,800
Processor: EXPEED 3
Metering System: 3D Color Matrix Meter II
Dust Reduction: Yes
Weather Sealing/Protection: Yes
Body Build: Top / Rear / Bottom Magnesium Alloy
Shutter: Up to 1/4000 and 30 sec exposure
Shutter Durability: 150,000 cycles
Storage: 1x SD slot
Viewfinder Coverage: 100%
Speed: 5.5 FPS
Exposure Meter: 2,016 pixel RGB sensor
Built-in Flash: No
Autofocus System: Multi-CAM 4800FX AF with 39 focus points and 9 cross-type sensors
LCD Screen: 3.2 inch diagonal with 921,000 dots
Movie Recording: N/A
In-Camera HDR Capability: Yes
WiFi: N/A
Battery Type: EN-EL14 / EN-EL14a
Battery Life: 1400 shots
USB Standard: 2.0
Weight: 710g (body only)
Price: from €2,550 (body only)
* sample images from Nikon Df with prime lenses: