Nikon AF-S NIKKOR 105mm f/1,4E ED – floral and animal shooter

For years, Nikon photographers have been waiting patiently for something from Nikon, that would put them back into the bragging game. Canon photographers have been dangling the 50mm f/1.2L and the 85mm f/1.2L. Sigma fans like their new 85 f1.4 Art and and also well worth a new Tamron 85 f/1.8 VC (with vibration reduction). But now it is time for the Nikkor 105mm  f1.4E!

„It’s not a particularly popular focal length. And it’s definitely not a lens that a photographer would walk around with. It’s a somewhat special purpose lens. And that purpose is portraiture. „

About the one-o-five

Currently, this is the best telephoto prime lens on a market, with aperture of f/1,4. The image quallity, sharpness, colors and bokeh are on the top. I had the opportunity to work with the Nikon 85 f/1,4G and 70-200 f/2,8G ED VRII, which are in a similar line as the 105mm. So this lens just stand in between this two lenses. It has the same brightness as 85mm f/1,4 and sharpness with fast autofocus as 70-200mm f/2,8G . Nikon 105mm f1.4E has no image stabilization. In conjunction with the new mirrorless Nikon Z7 or Z6 it will be a predator.

The autofocus works great. I’m using it on slower Nikon Df, which is not as fast, as the Nikon’s DSLR D750, D810 or D5 / D4S. But still, it works perfectly and quickly.

The body design includes all the modern principles. On the side is the button for automatic and manual focus. Sealing is the same as on other top lenses with aperture of f/1,4G. Compared to the previous f1.4 lenses, it has an electromagnetic diaphragm mechanism and fluorine coat, which effectively repels dust, water droplets, grease or dirt, ensuring easy removal even when they adhere to the lens surface. 105 f1.4E belongs to the group of lensesn with Nano Crystal Coating. That means, that effectively reduces ghost and flares.

Lens size (diameter x length): 95 x 106 mm, this is not a lens for small hands. The lens hood adds another 47 mm. Weight: 979g, the plastic lens hood adds another 55g.

Lens optics: 14 elements in 9 groups. This is quite a complex design for a prime lens and contains 3 extra low dispersion elements with fluorine coating at the front and back for easier cleaning and Nano Crystal Coat to reduces ghost and flare.

The filter-thread is 82 mm, so you probably will need new filters.

Lens unboxing
Image quality from another perspective

I’m not a fashion, portrait or wedding photographer. Photography is my hobby, so I have slightly different view.

Now to the advantages. The image quallity of Nikon 105mm f/1,4E lens on Nikon fullframe body is literally astonishing. Beautiful colors, with superb image blur and sharp drawing is magical (an anagram to the top). If you leave to use a colored background, supported by natural light, you will definitely excited about the images. AF-S works fast and accurately. The lens fits comfortably in my little hands with smaller body (Nikon Df or D600). The focusing ring goes beautifully smoothly. New fluorine coating on the front and rear lens is good too. Nothing more than a microfiber cloth and air balloon is need.

All pro grade lenses hold their retail price well if you ever decide to sell them on, but trust me on this one – if you can get your hands on one of these lenses, you’ll never want to sell it …

Below you can see the comparison of 105/58/50 lenses
  • Excellent image quality
  • Brilliant in low light performance
  • Beautifully blurred backgrounds (bokeh)
  • Minimalized chromatic aberration, ghosting and flare
  • Big and smooth focusing ring
  • Sealing against dust and water
  • Excellent aperture at f/1.4
  • Lens caps, hood and case included
  • No image stabilization
  • 82 mm filter thread
  • High price € 2.41900
  • Weight 985 g

Nikon’s 105mm f/1,4E ED is the best lens in Nikon prime lens lineup. It’s bigger, quite heavy, but optically superb. It’s cool lens for fashion, portraits or weddings photographers. However, this lens finds its application in many other ways.

Thanks for reading!

Lens type: Telephoto
Focal length: 105 mm
Maximum aperture: f/1.4
Minimum aperture: f/16
Lens construction: 14 elements in 9 groups (including 3 ED glass elements)
Nano Crystal Coat: Yes
Fluorine Coat: Yes
Angle of view: 23°10' (15°20' with Nikon DX format)
Minimum focus distance: 1.0 m/3.3 ft from focal plane 
No. of diaphragm blades: 9 (rounded) 
Filter-attachment size: 82 mm 
Diameter x length: 94,5 mm x 106 mm 
Weight: 985 g/2 lb 2.8 oz (excluding hood)
Accessories: LC-82 82 mm snap-on Front Lens Cap, LF-4 Rear Lens Cap, 
             HB-79 Bayonet Hood, CL-1218 Lens Case

* sample images from Nikon 105mm f/1.4E ED